Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are Highlands County and Waste Connections using these carts?

A: Automated waste collection service provides: added convenience for residents; minimizes litter on local streets, and reduces safety risks posed to both our employees and residents by distracted drivers near the waste collection process.

Q: Can I throw garbage directly into the garbage cart or does it need to be in a bag?

A: All household garbage must be placed in a secured bag to reduce litter and odors. Broken glass, ceramics or other sharp objects must be securely wrapped and contained in small amounts of newspaper or thick wrapping materials such as bubble wrap or cardboard.

Q: How do the carts make for a cleaner neighborhood?

A: The carts virtually eliminate street litter after pickups. Plus, the container’s tight lid keeps rodents and pests out of garbage.

Q: Can I put anything outside of my cart?

A: No. All trash must be place inside the cart. Your bulk and yard waste may still be placed directly at the curb for collection.

Q: What if the cart or a portion of it breaks? Will I have to pay for the repair or new one?

A: Waste Connections will provide a warranty for the carts throughout the length of the collection contract for damages it causes. If the damage is done by the resident, the resident will be responsible.

Q: I didn’t ask for a cart – do I have to use it?

A: Yes. The cart is being provided free of charge. The County and Waste Connections requires that all residents who have received a cart use it to improve collection efficiency and keep our drivers safe. The County requires the exclusive use of the cart.

Q: Will anyone be able to put out their garbage without using the 95 gallon carts?

A: No, you must use the carts. If a person with special needs (physical limitations) has difficulty handling a 95-gallon cart, we would ask those persons to contact Waste Connections at (863) 655-0005 or Highlands County at (863) 402-7786.

Q: Should I put my recycling and garbage together in the blue cart until I get the green recycling cart?

A: Yes, for now. Very soon you will be receiving the GREEN RECYCLING CART for your recycled refuse. As soon as your receive your green cart, use it for your recycling needs.

Q: Should my recycling be in bags in the cart?

A: No, all items should be placed loose into the container, do not put items in plastic grocery bags or garbage bags.